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Factors Determining the Impact of Care-Giving on Caregivers of Elderly Patients with Dementia. A Systematic Literature Review

  Dementia caregivers suffer a considerable care burden. More than in comparable groups of caregivers or peers, they are confronted with feelings of depression and decreased physical health. Although many studies are set up to determine the link between the stressors in dementia care-giving and the impact on the family caregiver, the results remained inconclusive. Others, depression in caregivers remains the main cause of a premature or acute ending of home care.

 Literature shows that, a substantial population bias is likely to be responsible for this observation. Remarkably, the impact of care-giving is strongly related to the characteristics of the population included. Both physically and psychosocially caregivers are less healthy than their peers or than colleague-caregivers of a chronically ill, non-dementia relative. However, a further meta-regression according to the caregiver and the patient characteristics was not feasible. The data sets were insufficiently or inappropriately reported to design a reliable model. The implication of coping as the disclosed link between the impact of care-giving and depression in the caregiver can be promising in the daily practice of home care. A further exploration between the positive aspects of care-giving and the onset of depression in the caregiver is required. Considering the caregiver as the indispensable link in the dementia care chain, could be important in organizing home care.


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