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ReMember-Me Project

The ReMember-Me Project implements an intelligent system that helps prevent and detect cognitive impairment. The main goal of the system is to detect and prevent cognitive decline early, in healthy older adults and also in older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment. The MATERIA Rehabilitation Center for the Elderly (Cyprus) participates in the Project.

The ReMember-Me system will include daily sleep, activity and mood exercises, alternating daily short assessment exercises. It is used as a tool to detect cognitive decline, daily education and monitoring through important exercises for older adults (i.e., socializing, playing cards, reading the news, religious activities) and socializing through knowledge sharing with others.

The system will provide access to authorized data, to informal and formal caregivers, in order to monitor the progress of the person concerned and to participate actively and effectively in the process of managing his health.

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