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Yotti (ISCIII) highlights that the pandemic “has hardened the effect of Alzheimer’s in older people”: “We must face it”

The director of the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII), Raquel Yotti, has highlighted that the pandemic has hardened the effect of Alzheimer’s in the elderly ”. In this sense, he pointed out that neurodegenerative diseases are “the silent epidemic of the 21st century.”

“The pandemic has hardened the effect of these neurodegenerative diseases”, so it is necessary to have a ‘comprehensive vision’ and all go to redouble efforts, “he explained during the Forum ‘Strengthening Research on Alzheimer’s in times of COVID’ , organized by Sigma Dos in collaboration with El Mundo.

Likewise, the expert explained that these months of enormous scientific and social effort have generated a new impetus for the development of telemedicine and new tools, such as precision medicine, which it is necessary to implement in our health systems. “The scientific response must permeate everything, with more investment, more social attention and more institutional commitment,” concluded the general director of the ISCIII.


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