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Salud creates a web space aimed at caregivers of the 6,000 patients with dementia in Navarra

The Navarra Health Service-Osasunbidea, in collaboration with the Association of Relatives of Alzheimer’s Patients of Navarra (AFAN), has promoted the creation of a space on the Salud Navarra web portal that collects useful information for caregivers of people with dementia (more than 6,000 in Navarra, of which almost 5,000 reside at home), in order to support both their care work and their own self-care.

In addition, the recipients can find proposals for activities to carry out with the person cared for, tips for adapting their environment and principles for cognitive stimulation of people with memory disorders. Precisely, cognitive stimulation is part of the Therapeutic Plan for this disease, so information is included on how to adapt it to the changing needs of each person and the offer of activities of the Cognitive Impairment Unit of the Psycho-Geriatric Day Hospital is presented in its different modalities: face-to-face, at home and online.

More than 6,000 people with a diagnosis of dementia in Navarra Currently, there are 6,276 people in Navarra with a diagnosis of dementia, of which 1,405 live in residential centers and 4,871 at home. Of the latter, 72% are over 80 years old, and the care they require, in most cases, is provided by a relative.


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