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Intellectual outputs

IO1: Adult guide “How to support your family member with dementia”

  • The output will provide adult learners with tips and strategies to react in case of memory loss of the family member with dementia, which may cause different situations and consequences.
  • The content will be created as such that there is no need of for a medical or psychological background.

We also made additional research on assistive technologies and intervention tools for people with dementia and their caregivers. You can download the files via these links:

Relevant Assistive Technologies for People with Dementia
Relevant Assistive Technologies for People with Dementia

IO2: Wizard style open mobile application – 24/7 help on solutions per specific problem

  • It will allow for mobile training, whereby users will be able to contribute themselves with case studies, and use it as useful material.
  • An additional innovation is that the adult and their peers will be able to share content, opinion, feedback and materials with other users.
android mobile app   ios mobile app

Wizard style searchable engine:

IO3: Guidance Toolkit for Adult trainers with methodological support on the delivery of the DEMOER course

  • The purpose of this output is to produce guidance material for adult workers and adult educators at NGOs and volunteering organisations dealing with the organisation of dedicated care trainings on how to deliver the DEMOER non-formal training course (preparation of course trainers).

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